Top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world

What are the top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world — our city’s most iconic, most delicious, most notorious, must-have, can’t-miss, original-to-us menu items? Here's our list.

Hair vs. Humidity: Fighting summer frizz

With a few adjustments in the hair care beauty regime, and some trendy styling tricks from some local hair experts, fight off frizz and finish this summer with great hair despite the aggressive weather.

Home Style: 5 ways to accessorizie an outdoor space

To more fully enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, homeowners can expand the comforts of their homes into yards, patios and porches.

Cooking from Scratch: Fridge pickles

Can we talk about what a wonderful year this has been for gardens so far? I haven't had to water once, yet everything looks healthy and green.

Local Finds: Pitcher perfect

Impress guests at your next summertime cookout with a drink poured from these stylish pitchers with personality.

The Fashion Column Twins: Summer shorts

As we’re in the heart of summer and can’t seem to escape this heat wave lately, Elizabeth and I thought it would be fitting to show our favorite styles of shorts.

Fix-It Chick: 11 things you need in your toolbox

Whether you are a homeowner, a renter or just a kid going off to college, having a properly stocked tool box is the key to Fix-It happiness.

Garden Variety: New blooms for old irises

Irises are by far one of the easiest and most reliable plants to grow in Kansas, but sometimes a hidden insect pest affects their ability to bloom.

Style Scout: Rebekah Taussig

Tell us a secret: I use swear words more than anybody would know. I hope my sweet mother doesn’t read this!

Style Scout: Greyson Honaker

Dream job: To publish books and not have to do real work ever.

Kebabs perfect for dinner parties

When we moved into our neighborhood, we were so lucky to have a nest of people around us who were already friends or who easily ...

When life gives you bananas, you make muffins

We buy a LOT of bananas. We use at least two a day in the morning smoothie that the kiddo and I share. Plus they're ...

First Lawrence Restaurant Week set for Sept. 14-20

Prepare yourselves, foodies: The first Lawrence Restaurant Week is set for Sept.14 through 20 in downtown Lawrence. Downtown Lawrence Inc. is organizing the new event ...

Kansas City Connection: Everybody's gonna be happy

Happy Gillis is back. Although the popular eatery at 549 Gillis St. in Columbus Park never technically went away since it opened in 2008, a new pair of owners and some tasty additions to the menu have given new life to an already-refreshing locale.

What are Lawrence's most iconic menu items? Help us decide

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Since posting this blog on Friday, I’ve gotten lots more suggestions via email, Twitter, Facebook and comments (below). Following are just a ...

An interesting 'Ida,' and I loathe 'Lucy'

There is a stigma associated with foreign films, especially ones that are shot in black and white and set in a historical period that most ...

Looking Forward: Two dual shows with talented locals this weekend

Middle Twin/ Ebony Tusks Middle Twin is teaming up with Ebony Tusks for a special free Love Garden show this Final Friday at 7 p.m. ...

Pet proofing your home

Whether it’s keeping them safe or making them feel comfortable in the home, Kemberling and other local pet experts share some helpful guidelines for pet-proofing the house for your new companion.

Fair necessities: 7 essential things to do at this year's Douglas County Fair

With no admission charge for the Douglas County Fair there’s no reason not to hang out and check out all of the exhibits, says Margaret Kalb, executive secretary of the fair's board. But if you don't have time to hit up everything, here are seven essential things to do at this year’s fair:

Tease photo

Off the Beaten Plate: Barbequed Egg Rolls at Bigg's

Every barbecue restaurant serves a pulled pork sandwich. Not every barbecue restaurant has this. By Sara Shepherd

Top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world

What are the top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world — our city’s most iconic, most delicious, most notorious, must-have, can’t-miss, original-to-us menu items? Here's our list.

Garden Variety: Plants to avoid if you have pets

Are pets and plants compatible? They can be, but plant lovers who also care for cats and dogs should be aware of the risks of keeping both in the same household.

Strategizing for the Sidewalk Sale

The 55th annual Sidewalk Sale is on July 17 this year, and those who are familiar know that it’s “sun-up to sundown” affair that requires a bit of strategizing. With the help from director of Downtown Lawrence, Inc., Sally Zogry, here is a breakdown of the five-block territory to make sure shoppers know where to search, where to break and how to make the most out of the occasion.

Megan on the Move: Does everyone feel like a fraud or is it just me?

It’s a funny thing, not growing up in Lawrence but feeling like a townie.

Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale 2014: The basics

The 55th annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale is Thursday. Massachusetts Street merchants are already getting prepared. Are you?

Fix-It Chick: Build a French drain

French drains are named after Harold French, the Massachusetts farmer who invented them. They are basically channels filled with gravel that direct water down and away from your home and property. Installing a French drain can be back-breaking work, but it is a relatively easy fix to a soggy problem.

Garden Variety: With mimosa trees, don't just think pink

Mimosa trees in the Lawrence area are in full glory right now with their unrivaled fluffy, fragrant pink blossoms.

Fix-It Chick: Install a smarter lockset

Installing a Kwikset SmartKey lockset can increase security and save money.

Liberty Hall Cinema 785-749-1912

644 Massachussets Street, Lawrence

As a meeting house, an opera house, movie theatre and music hall, Liberty Hall has hosted countless events throughout its rich 142 year history. Among the many bands that have played the theater are Iggy Pop, Devo, the Buzzcocks and ...

New exhibit asks what's with the gender imbalance in art?

Wonder Fair show features all female artists

When curators of a new show at Wonder Fair Gallery started counting how many female artists were represented in regional galleries compared with males, they discovered disparities. The gender gap at Wonder Fair, owner Meredith Moore admits, was pretty much equally as wide. By Sara Shepherd

Vinyl addicts unite: the lasting culture of record collecting

Three local residents share their motivations for vinyl collecting and their reasons for keeping the plastic tradition alive.

Events happening at your favorited places and shows from your favorited bands. (You'll see if any of your dot comrades are going, too.)