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The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS

Live action trivia

Stitch N' Bitch

(One-off place) in Lawrence, KS

A knitting group

Conroy's Trivia

Conroy's Pub in Lawrence, KS

Henry Rollins

Liberty Hall Cinema in Lawrence, KS

Jazz Quintet

Ingredient in Lawrence, KS

Latino Nights Fridays with DJ Luiz

Cielito Lindo in Lawrence, KS

Fiesta Fridays

The 23rd Street Roadhouse in Lawrence, KS

with El Santo DJ

2016's new book club services

It’s Thursday, you’re counting down the hours until the workday is done, and you have book club tonight. Not only do you have book club, ...

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Style Scout: Shannon Barry

Fashion trends you love: I like that the trend is oversized things because everything is always oversized on me because I'm so small, so I'm glad it's a "trend" now. I don't look weird if I wear things that are drastically too big for me.

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Style Scout: Katelyn Gilland

Tell us a secret: A second-grader punched me in the face when I was in third grade; that's not a secret, that's just something that happened to me. But it's kind of funny.

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Style Scout: Brogan Sievers

What’s your spirit animal? I like bats, I like armadillos, I like things with big ears. Armadillos roll into balls; I feel like that says something about me, maybe.

Three books about mourning

There is a version of an ancient Chinese fable that goes like this: The Emperor, feeling depressed, calls his court philosopher in. “Tell me a ...

New year, new books! Hot reads for 2016

2016 is here, which means it's time to write the wrong date on your checks. I mean, it's time to take a look at some ...

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'Friends of Dennis' photographer John Clayton finds beauty in fleeting moments

John Clayton is the mastermind behind the Friends of Dennis Facebook page, which for three and a half years has documented the zany outfits and everyday interactions of Dennis Abbott, Lawrence’s “sweetest grouch and most brilliant stylist.”

Events happening at your favorited places and shows from your favorited bands. (You'll see if any of your dot comrades are going, too.)

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