Weekend Picks: Fireworks, Ladybird pie, rock and roll, and a Shakespearean field trip

Readers, if you are anything like us, you are still recovering from last weekend's whirlwind of festivals and fiestas. Things slow down a bit in ...

Recently opened Yeah Sushi offers whimsical take on Japanese staple

Yuyuan Jiang worked as a sushi chef for eight years, serving up the Japanese delicacy in Houston, Palm Springs, New Orleans, Miami, New York City, ...

Style Scout: Antonio Shepherd

What’s your spirit animal? Shark because the only thing on a shark’s mind is eating

Style Scout: Danielle Hodges

Fashion influences: Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, MIA and FKA Twigs

Off the Beaten Plate: Salted caramel bacon pops at Ted's Taphouse

They might look like a couple small pieces of chocolate cake from far away (remember Hostess Zingers? I do, because my mom never let me near them as a kid) but the salted caramel bacon pops at Ted’s Taphouse are a mostly savory affair.

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Hank Charcuterie's secret to making perfect pork chops

Pork chops are a favorite of Hank Charcuterie owner/chef Vaughn Good’s all year round, but he says those cooking the sweet meat at home this summer might need to pay special attention to their pork chops when using a grill.

Split Lip Rayfield delights fans with free outdoor concert

Friday night felt like one big celebration in downtown Lawrence — just about every block had some sort of party, concert, art event, or busking ...

New 'Terminator' a surprisingly crafty reboot

“What do we want?” “Time travel!” “When do we want it?” “It’s irrelevant.” That joking exchange between leader of the human resistance John Connor (Jason ...

Underdogs rule at the 2015 Lawrence Field Day Fest

Lawrence is a music town. It’s no secret. So naturally, we have an abundance of musicians here. A band could have a hard time standing ...

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Spencer Museum of Art remains 'At Large' during renovations with 'NuPenny's Last Stand'

A lot of folks were left scratching their heads after a mysterious structure resembling an old-timey toy store sprung up seemingly overnight in an East Lawrence industrial park just over a week ago.

Kansas City Connection: Fourth of July fireworks, folk art at the Nelson

The Fourth of July is a magical time in America, and especially in Kansas City.

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After reunion, alternative rock band Failure kicking off tour at Liberty Hall

When Failure decided to reunite, they went big.

Thursday sights and sounds from the Free State Festival

With so much going on at this week's Free State Festival, it's easy to miss out on an event here or there. Luckily, the festival's ...

Is Netflix taking over TV and movies?

A prequel to one of the biggest cult comedy classics of the last 20 years is out on July 31, only it won’t be released ...

Off the Beaten Plate: Red bean pancake at Panda and Plum Garden

Trying out a dessert that's like China’s version of a crepe.

June Final Friday Preview: A fundraiser for Pet World, and the debut of a new community photo studio

With the Free State Festival in full swing, this month's Final Friday events come in a little under the radar.

Weekend Picks: Festivals, fiestas, Final Friday and freakouts

Buckle up, folks. This weekend is almost certainly the busiest cultural weekend of the summer, if not the entire year. If you are out and ...

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Players and listeners: Paper Buffalo’s sound-seeking journey to Lawrence Field Day Fest

You wouldn’t guess this by looking at them, but Paper Buffalo sounds wise beyond their years. The indie-rockers will be among over 50 bands playing during the Lawrence Field Day Festival this weekend.

Style Scout: Eugene Dickens

Describe your style: Cool

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The films of the Free State Festival

This year's film portion of the Free State Festival features locally made student films to major festival darlings and their filmmakers.

Lawrence Libations: Clockwork Orange at 715

Summer isn’t here officially — that won’t happen for another three weeks or so — but since school is out and temperatures have begun to creep up, we thought we’d take this month’s Lawrence Libations in search of a refreshing, hot-weather drink.

Events happening at your favorited places and shows from your favorited bands. (You'll see if any of your dot comrades are going, too.)

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