Split Lip Rayfield

In The Mud

Album cover
  • Released: 2000
  • Label: Bloodshot


Look out for those clouds on the horizon. Feel the air get creepy still. You better get in the cellar 'cause there's a tornado coming. Blowing in off the Kansas plain we got ourselves another genuine record from Split Lip Rayfield.

You may remember Split Lip Rayfield from the last time they blew your a)house b)bar c)club to complete shit. When Split Lip get going, somebody's gonna lose a limb, and on this record they didn't make the thresher safer, they added another blade. That's right, Split Lip has intensified the speed-metal bluegrass insanity by adding a fourth member.

This record's got everything you've come to expect from SLR: three (now four) part harmonies, loudness the likes of which you'd never expect from acoustic instruments, the legendary one-string gas tank bass "Stitchgiver," and songs and lyrics which practically dare you to go buy a gun and finally do something constructive with your life.

You can't argue with success my friends. After touring like crazy from Denton to Duluth, SLR has earned a reputation for bringing those too-cool-for-school folks at the back of the room right to the front row as they churn out aggressive bluegrass that can only come from plowing one too many rows, digging one too many holes and blowing one too many gaskets.


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