Split Lip Rayfield

Never Make It Home

Album cover
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: Bloodshot


Nothing comes easy for our favorite hombres from Kansas. Mix up some bad women, bad jobs, bad autos, and bad luck; well that's more than most men could handle. Luckily, these fellas are good at channeling their aggression. Maybe that's why they're on the road so much. When the going gets tough....

After a bit of tinkering these bluegrass outlaws have emerged from the garage soot-smeared, short of temper and ready for beer with their third CD. Steel yourself for the trademark souped up hillbilly barrage. "Never Make it Home" features SLR's bluegrass underground sound, tick-tight playing and even a few sing-along anthems. The attitude remains but this disc also features a contemplative "been there, done that" perspective that's strangely (gasp) mature and disarming. This time around, SLR tries to reason with you before they bust your head, but when the fists start flying don't say you weren't warned. The perfect disc to listen to on the way to your bail hearing.

Partial track listing

Drink Lotsa Whiskey
Day The Train Jumped The Tracks
Never Make It Home


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