A. Graham and the Moment Band

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2003.

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No scheduled events.

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Current Status: Alive and kicking.

Influences: Loose psychedelic rock music, pop music, funk, punk and soul.

Similar to: Rolling Stones, The Cars, Pavement


Alt / Indie rock, Pop


Name Released Label
Album cover This Tyrant Is Free 2003 Independent


Old friends reconvened in KC after living in Chicago; Carbondale, ILL.; Portland, OR.; San Fran, CA; St. Louis, MO.

Bands we've been in:
Crelph, Logs, 21 Jumpsuit, Dot.Dot. Commies, Liquor Spaniel, KC Monarchs, Bully Pulpit, Monogram, Lt Weightmen, Krafty Love Lordz, Tokyo Pearl, Search Party, Moment.

Other people who have played live and on recordings:
Bob Asher - trumpet
Bill Cave - trumpet
Nate Hofer (of the Misery Boys) - pedal steel
JB Morris (of the Misery Boys) - lead guitar
Megan Meredith - Backing Vocals
Jenny Burrington - Backing Vocals
Michelle Harkness - Backing Vocals