The ACB's

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2006.

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Influences: The Beatles, Ash, Matthew Sweet, Michael Jackson


Pop, Rock


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Album cover The ACB's 2007


The ACB's formed sometime in 2006 in Kansas City, MO, the city where they were all born and raised and where they continue to live. They have influences, yes. Mostly they're artists who know how to write bona fide HITS. Michael Jackson is a big one. Also early Beatles. Maybe a little Matthew Sweet. And then of course there are more contemporary artists like Wolfdeerhorse and Bear Eyes. What, you've never heard of them?

The ACB's are also influenced by an inability to interact comfortably with the opposite sex, fear of hair loss, male friendships that have been described by outsiders as bordering on homoerotic, and the lingering effects of their deeply Midwestern religious upbringing. Two of the ACB's are currently influenced by a lack of what are referred to as "paying jobs," although they would appreciate it if you would drop that condescending tone. What is it, you think you're better than them?

Anyway the bottom line is that the ACB's are interested in kicking out the kind of jams that you can enjoy on a physical as well as cerebral level. Melody, harmony, rocking and rolling-music with emotion that compels you to dance in maybe even not such a cool way. The opposite of all that robotic new wave bullshit that's finally starting to pass.

So yes. Harmony. Dancing. Fun. Cool people that aren't pretentious. Embracing your insecurities. Maybe sweating a little bit but not so much that it becomes gross for the other people in attendance. This is what the ACB's stand for. Please come see them (us).