Ad Astra Per Aspera

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2002.

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Current Status: Finishing recording for 2 more 7" records, and preparing for a brief summer tour.

Sound description: Anyone who has heard Ad Astra Per Aspera recognizes the sound immediately: a frantic demonstration of noise and melody clashing wholeheartedly. Points of reference include Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead, but Ad Astra's best attribute is its ability to sound more and more like itself.

Influences: Black Sabbath, The Oath, Led Zeppelin, Sonny Sharrock, Can, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti/Tony Allen, God Speed You Black Emperor!, Otis Redding, Sonny Rollins, Pineapple and Mailbu

Similar to: Sonic Youth, the Boredoms


Alt / Indie rock, Experimental / Noise


Name Released Label
Album cover An Introduction To 2003
Album cover Cubic Zirconia EP 2004
Album cover Catapult Calypso 2006 Sonic Unyon
Album cover LG-02 2008 Love Garden
Album cover Ad Astra Per Aspera 7" 2008 Love Garden


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MK12 Interview

A quick interview with MK12's Tim Fisher and Ben Radatz.


Good music lasts and good bands evolve. After seven years and over two hundred shows, Ad Astra Per Aspera is more than music: it's an all-ages, open-invitation collective dedicated to all things small, epic, lakeside and beautiful. It's a collection of inside jokes, broken down vans, mix tapes, prank calls, histories and pre-histories that snowballs through all seasons.

Beginning in 2001 in Lawrence, KS, Ad Astra Per Aspera practiced for a year before introducing their music to friends and friends' basements. After releasing their first seven-inch, An Introduction To, Ad Astra Per Aspera got their shit together and hit the road. Between releases and tours, the band played warehouses, record stores, gallery spaces, living rooms and industrial medical centers.

In 2004, Ad Astra released a four-song EP, Cubic Zirconia, a spooky, pretty EP that travels the back roads of Kansas with no headlights and no destination in mind. They toured aggressively and leaked oil all over the Midwest in a battered short bus. Between 2005 and 2006, Ad Astra worked on their full-length, Catapult Calypso, a marriage of sleigh bells and rhumba shakers, easy front porch rhythms and furious punk breakdowns, free jazz and Monterey pop. They visited Texas for South by Southwest, New York for CMJ and skated around the country on an inch of highway ice.

During 2007 and 2008, the band has woken up earlier and stayed up later than ever, nursing their creative drive with coffee and red wine. The local record nerds at Love Garden are putting out Ad Astra's new seven-inches, a series of four lovingly assembled records that borrow from Black Sabbath, Fela Kuti and the voices and instrumentation of best friends. The first seven-inch in the series, Danger Bird Blues, was released in July 2008 and the second, Party Bones, in September. With the recent re-release of Catapult Calypso on vinyl and the prospect of many new collaborations, Ad Astra Per Aspera is more vibrant than ever, rattling with nervous energy and dead serious about doing it right.

-Flannery Cashill