Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2003.

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Similar to: CKY, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Spitalfield, Story of the Year


Alt / Indie rock, Rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Wolfman Safari 2004
Album cover Fighting a Future Meltdown 2006


Bill and Mike met each other up at KU in 2003 when they were enrolled in a literature course together. They discovered that they had similar ideas concerning how to blend gainy guitar crunch with melody. After hanging out a few times, they decided to give a few songs a try, and the Pixies-inspired "The Indecision" was born. Within a couple of months, it was time to search Lawrence, KS for a drummer and a bassist. Jon was a friend of Mike's and was the obvious recruit for the bassist position, given the skills he'd acquired from almost a decade of plucking a standup. They then turned to Brian Lowe, who had played with Bill in a three piece punk outfit called Cripple Fight (the band now calling themselves 'cripple fight' in Lenexa is a poser copy). Brian worked out for a while, but everyone else wanted a more upbeat style of drumming. They turned to Ryan Magnuson, who played drums for The Touchdowns and Podstar. Ryan and the group recorded "Wolfman Safari" at Black Lodge Studios under the guidance of Chris Cosgrove and played a few shows at the Bottleneck immediately following the CD's release. Unfortunately, Ryan broke from the band and Aeolian was faced with having to replace yet another drummer. Mike luckily had just the guy, and after only four days of being 'drummer-less,' Aeolian was playing with Scott Livingston, a true madman. Scott helped out and played a ton of shows with the band, but is no longer currently rocking with Aeolian. The drum position is currently filled by Brad Chancellor, who agreed to play with Aeolian after hearing the new album, which you are oh so certain to love. It was recorded at Black Lodge Studios and was once again produced and engineered by the genius Chris Cosgrove.