Agent 5 Nine

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 1999.

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Influences: Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Further Seems Forever, Hot Rod Circuit, Jimmy Eat World, Thursday, Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio, The Ataris, Down to Earth Approach, Counterfit, The Get Up Kids, Green Day, Hawthorne Heights, My Hotel Year, Matchbook Romance and many more


Alt / Indie rock, Pop, Punk


Name Released Label
Album cover Places I've Been 2002
Album cover The Fresh Scent of Pine 2003


In the latter part of 1999, a friend of mine had come to me with the proposition of being in a band. I accepted and was then in a group called "Breaking The Treaty". This band was rather short lived. After our first show (where we were very well received) we rarely practiced and our energy for work was diminishing. At the root of the problem was our lead singer. I and others feel that he had lost his interest in making and presenting music. The rest of the band was very interested in more shows and more music, so we forged on without the fourth and founding member.

After much deliberation, the band decided on who would be filling the fourth position. We had acheived a relatively good reputation so there were three or four people looking to fill the spot. We finally decided on our man for the job, James Pinick, and we've regretted it ever since. Nonononono...we havn't regretted it for a moment. We practiced first on 5/9/2000 and so decided on the name Agent 5/9 a few days later. We played together for about 7 months and the bass player decided he wanted to do other things and went off to form a new band called After Death.

Once he left in December 2000, Davey Jones joined the band. We had known Dave through other friends he was in another band but things did not work out with them and he joined Agent 5 Nine in December of 2000. Since then we have been playing shows and just having fun. We just recently finished our first album with Dave. The album is called Places I've Been. Now that our album is done, we hope to play more shows around Kansas City and get a bigger following.