Anything But Joey

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 1996.

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Current Status: Based in Lawrence / KC.

Sound description: Party pop punk.

Influences: A FEW FUN AND OBSCURE FACTS ABOUT JOEY Enjoys: longs walks on the beach, moonlit summer nights, puppies and porn Eating Habits: maintains strict diet of beer, cigarettes, and coffee Favorite Subject in School: dropping out Turn-Ons: petting zoos, baywatch and Julio Iglesias Turn-Offs: bills, non-alcoholic beverages and Enrique Iglesias Life Motto: WWJD (what would joey do?) from

Similar to: Blink 182




Name Released Label
Album cover Come Out Fighting 2002
Album cover Necessary But Not Cool EP 2003


Anything But Joey, "Girl Roommate"


Formerly known as Thulium, Anything But Joey got their big break when "Girl Roomate" got into heavy rotation on 96.5 the Buzz. That song was also chosen to accompany the 2003 Women of KU music video.