Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2004.

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Sound description: garage rock

Influences: the clash, the who, ac/dc, elvis costello, the stooges, rolling stones

Similar to: american rock and soul music, the mooney suzuki


Alt / Indie rock, Blues, Garage rock, Ska


Name Released Label
Album cover Da Gravy on Yo Grits 1996 Joco Ska
Album cover At Ease 1998 Epitaph
Album cover Wish We Never Met 1999 Today Is My Day
Album cover Today Is My Day 2002 Thick
No album artwork unreleased RCA session 2003
Album cover Keys To The Building 2004 Anodyne
Album cover Revenge 2006 Anodyne
Album cover Vice 2008

Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
How did it feel to record at a professional studio in L.A.? None July 21, 2004
How did you rebound from the split with RCA? None July 21, 2004
Why did you leave Hellcat Records in 1999? None July 21, 2004


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June 2004 - Gadjits over; Architects born

Brandon Phillips writes:
The full story goes like this. Keyboard man Ehren Starks left The Gadjits to embark on a life of academia and normal behavior ... he called me the first monday night after we got home from a tour with the Stereo. We went to Chili's and he dropped the bomb there over an "awesome blossom". That same night i called everyone else over and told them what was up. There was an awful silence which was finally broken when i asked if anyone else felt like hanging it up, given the new bit of bad news. None of us wanted to leave the game ... even with this new bruise upon us. So we began the awful task of rehersals without a fifth member and we stayed that course until one evening when the great Adrianne Verhoven sat down behind the decks and made the thing whole again. Her band, the Anniversary had called it quits after a long haul as one of Lawrence, KS. best loved exports to the world. The new five-piece band was not just a return to a sense of completeness, but an opportunity to begin anew from somewhere between our pasts and our future. We christened this new band Architects.

(editor's note: Adrianne Verhoven is no longer in Architects. We expect ex-Kansas keyboardist Steve Walsh will soon assume all keyboard duties.)