The Armory

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2005.

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Sound description: White guys with guitars.

Influences: Same as everyone else probably.


Alt / Indie rock, Rock


Name Released Label
Album cover The Armory 2006
Album cover The New Depression 2008


I first saw the Armory in a basement on Halloween back in '91. They played a Sebadoh song. No, wait, they were Sebadoh. Just for a song. I had eaten mushrooms. Actually, that was Halloween 2006, and I had seen them countless times in countless basements by then. I heard of the Armory in the fall of '05 in Lawrence, Kansas; they had probably been together for less than a year, and a friend told me I had to go see them. I found out this: the Armory is a power trio, in the most unrelenting sense of the term. Songs begin as moments of beautifully meditative, off-kilter guitar pop and careen into bouts of feedback-laden discord and discontent atop sludgy bass riffs and pounding drums, or vice versa. The band cites forebears like Dinosaur Jr. and Unwound as influences, but comparisons always fall short of capturing the Armory's actual essence: subtly pissed off but charmingly awkward, and totally fucking nostalgic.
- Barrett Emke, 2008