Bandit Teeth

Formed in Lawrence, KS.

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Sound description: Radness!

Influences: Plinko. Half a gallon of mousse. The Parent Trap! Anything not measurable by the word "morsel." Glasgow at sunrise (photos of...). Preki.


Alt / Indie rock, Rock


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Album cover Demos 2008


Bandit Teeth originally began in 1998, as a three piece consisting of Brad Shanks, Cobi Newton, and Charley Downey. Brad soon heard the siren call of New York, as so many lost and troubled youth do, and left Cobi and Charley on their asses. They coped, licked their wounds, and moved on with life. Alas! In 2007, Brad once again acknowledged the fact that Lawrence is the coolest city in the United States, and returned to reunite the most sausage swinging, leg kicking, ass-whipping band in the world. Recruiting song-writer, drummer, and guitar player extraordinaire Zach Campbell to join the forces of the superhuman dental force that is Bandit Teeth, they decided to conquer all known civilization. Again.