The Beat Pirates

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2010.

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Sound description: eclectic, indie, geek rock with pop sensibilities

Influences: Sean Connery, Stuart Sutcliffe, Free Willy 3, Robert Goulet, Francisco Goya, KU losing to Bucknell, Edgar Allen Poe and let’s not forget the drunk cell phone abuser publicly undergoing a spiritual crisis.


Alt / Indie rock


**Now known as Books of Bokonon**

The Beat Pirates formed in 2004 while writing and recording their first two songs, “Laminated Paper Magazines” and “Drunk Dialing”. Having no drummer or drums, they at first considered outright sampling of full drum parts (“beat pirating”) but settled on creating sequences of free drum samples for the first 5 recordings.

Brad moved to Chicago in 2006, but he still joins the group as lead singer, acoustic guitarist and ukulelist when available or when they play in the Chicago area.

After a few years with older Stewart brother Shawn on the drums, local music legend Lance Fahy joined the line-up as drummer in 2006. Tracey Kastens contributed occasional vocals and percussion for some recordings and shows at first, but she’s since become an official part of the band and look for her role to increase.