Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1995.

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Current Status: Active: Be/Non is working on a new LP record entitled: "Mystic Sunrise/Sunset Magic" for the Unipegadong label. In post production on "A Mountain Of Yeses". A full-length feature film due Spring 2013.

Sound description: Be/Non is a band out of time. Disciples of Zappa, the Beatles, Bowie and Waters (Roger, not Ethel), the four men of Be/Non forge a sound that refracts classic prog through a perception-warping prism of futuristic electronic psych and hard-charging space rock. Unless your weekend routine typically includes munching shrooms while playing Metroid 2: Return of Samus, parsing metaphysics with the ghost of Arthur Lee, then unwinding to late-60s Canterbury Scene LPs, you've probably never experienced anything like Be/Non. Formidably equipped to deliver mind bending aural intercourse between brain and ear, Be/Non have delivered, "A Mountain of Yeses", the bands full length concept album released on Unipegadong Records. Those who summit A Mountain of Yeses do not return unchanged.

Similar to: Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Tubes


Alt / Indie rock, Experimental / Noise


Name Released Label
Album cover 7" untitled 1996
Album cover You're Playing With Children In The Land Of The Bugs 1997
Album cover Meet The person Most Responsible For Your Safety 1998
Album cover Ran 2005
Album cover Esperanto 2005
Album cover A Mountain of Yeses 2009


Be/Non's "Meet the Person Responsible for Your Safety" featured guest appearances by Flaming Lips multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd.

Update 2012: Be/Non is working on a vinyl LP entitled, "Mystic Sunrise/Sunset Magic", due for mid-winter 2012/2013 release. The full-length animated feature film "A Mountain OF Yeses" is in post production and is due: Spring 2013.