Blackpool Lights

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2004.

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Current Status: Touring in support of new record.


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Self/Titled - Limited Edition Tour EP 2005
Album cover This Town's Disaster 2006


Blackpool Lights are a band from Kansas City,MO. featuring members of The Get Up Kids, The Belles, The Start, Buffalo Saints, and The Creature Comforts. The band was formed in the Fall of 2004 by Jim Suptic and Billy Brimblecom, and they were joined shortly after by Brian Everard and JD Warnock. After recording an EP and a LP in Spring of 2005, Blackpool Lights spent the remainder of the year on the road touring. JD left the band in November 2006. Blackpool Lights' first full length album "This Town's Disaster" is due out in May 2006. The band is currently touring with a 5 song "Tour Ep" featuring two album tracks, a cover of Starry Eyes (by The Records), and two acoustic versions of songs from the full length. The EP can also be ordered online from