B.O.M.B. the Big One Man Band

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1999.

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Current Status: Currently living in Dallas Texas and taking a break after the big tour ending at Chicago's One Man Band Festival. Will be back out playing in February of 2003!

Sound description: 50's style rockabilly with a punk flare.

Influences: 50's style rockabilly-eddie cochran, johnny cash, brian setzer, reverend horton heat,etc.

Similar to: Hazel Adkins


Country / Rockabilly


Name Released Label
No album artwork Giddy-up GO! 2000 big one man records.


Not just a one man band but a BIG one man band

Formed in the summer of 1999, BOMB the one man band, a.k.a. Bruce Humphries, was determined to make his high-octane rockabilly act sound as full as possible. In other words he wanted his one man act to sound like a normal three or more person rock band. Using every extremity available (well, almost) and no electronics (besides his amplifier) he has been able to achieve that difficult task.
Usually clad in a pink or yellow tuxedo, Bruce will sing, play harmonica and kazoo while strumming a Gretsch hollow-body guitar that has a spring attached to the tuning head. Connected to the spring is a wooden dow rod and is used for beating the crash cymbal.
Using his right foot, Bruce pounds the bass drum with a customized foot pedal that simultaneously taps a ride cymbal. His left foot is used for the snare drum that incorporates a lefty double bass pedal to pull off the drum rolls.
The crowd favorite, however, is the hats Bruce wears during his performances. One is a batting helmet that has a stick attached and is used to beat a cowbell. The other is a child's fireman hat with a working disco ball. This hat is brought out to set the mood for the slow romantic songs.
This combination of musical instruments along with Bruce's sense of humor (lame pyrotechnics at the end of a song) makes BOMB's amphetamine hillbilly and cocaine blues hyper kinetic, knee-slapping fun.