Braden Young

Formed in Lawrence, KS.

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Folk / Singer-songwriter


Aside from playing and writing for various bands, Braden Young also writes some stuff that's more on the folksy side. Recently he's been playing solo stuff alongside Spencer Goertz-Giffen of The Kinetiks, who also brings her songs to the table. For the past two years or so Young has been recording songs in a more improvisational style, thereby bypassing any usual sort of song writing process. That's what all the songs on his "Sketches" album are... a bit sloppy but still fresh since they're basically written as they are recorded. Young recorded the album in Northern California last year and is currently creating more material in the same manner.

Other projects:
The Shamans (B. Young, James Piller, Chris Demby)
Popular Mechanics (Austin Sinkler, Adrian Rees, Jeff Jackson, Rustine Bragaw, James Piller, B. Young)
The Willnots (Tyler Francis, Adrian Ress, Austin Sinkler, Hugh Naughtin, B. Young)