Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2000.

Radio station: Listen to music by Clockwork

Past shows


Current Status: Writing, recording, performing and living in Lawrence.

Sound description: An interesting mix of brit-pop styled rock with jazz influences, electronic sounds, harmonic vocals, and most of all solid songwriting. Also been called prog-styled indie-noir... Emphasis on the minimal use of guitars.

Similar to: Radiohead, the Shins, Blackheart Procession


Alt / Indie rock, Electronic / DJ, Pop


Name Released Label
No album artwork Demo 2000


In August of 2000, Hugh Naughtin and Patrick Roberts teamed up to experiment with the process of writing and recording music. They began working with fellow songwriter/lyricist Jim Piller and immediately they began to assemble a body of work with a wide spectrum of sounds. With tunes ranging from powerful rock anthems, to somber and affectionate love songs, they began to reveal what they had created.
Since then, they have performed with artists such as The Shins, Trackstar, John Vanderslice, Son, Ambulance, Ghosty, The Circulatory System and more. They have performed at venues such as The Bottleneck, Liberty Hall, The Replay Lounge and in Kansas City. Currently, they are writing and recording, while promoting their music in the thriving Lawrence music scene.