Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2001.

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Current Status: always active until we're not. see for more.

Sound description: your guess is as good as ours. download at

Influences: music before and after the birth of the sampler

Similar to: sound tribe sector 9, the new deal, karsh kale, tabla beat science, nerve, t.j dovebelly.


Electronic / DJ, Funk, Hip-hop / Rap


Name Released Label
Album cover deep roots in shallow ground 2002 Mixtape Meditation


DJ not a DJ is Lawrence's premier electronic act, thanks to its hypnotic combination of drum 'n' bass grooves and old-school powerhouse funk -- prominently captured on its debut record "Deep Roots in Shallow Ground." Not content to fabricate this type of music only in a studio setting, the quartet is quite versed at delivering its organic material live.