Doby Watson

Formed in Kansas City, KS in 2003.

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Sound description: Fairly eclectic and random instrumentation over what was originally singer-songerwriter guitar/vocal-based music. A mix of many influences and textures. Sometimes very sparse.

Influences: Mostly dreams, landscapes, conversations, sexuality and overall feelings of situations.

Similar to: Xiu Xiu, Smog, Mount Eerie, Dirty Projectors, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Mount Eerie, The Microphones, Songs: Ohia


Alt / Indie rock, Folk / Singer-songwriter


Name Released Label
No album artwork Boo Hiss + Manipulator Alligator split EP 2007


I am an obsessive music enthusiast. However, i try not to take myself too seriously (despite how much of a cynical curmudgeon i may seem sometimes). For a long while (sometime in late 2003 until just recently in 2007) i wrote and recorded mostly awkward acoustic based songs in my bedroom on a now ruined 8 track as "Boo Hiss." Through part of 2006 and much of 2007 i began to tour the midwest, taking my songs and regurgitating them in shambled, unpracticed performances. Somehow during this time i made a lot of wonderful friends who i still admire to this day. After putting off recording an actual album this entire time, I've decided to regroup at home, ditch the stage name and am practicing and reforming my music as much as i can to record a full length for my friend's small label in Boston. Wish me luck! After i complete this intimidating task i will try to tour to both coasts and everywhere else that i can. Thanks for sticking with me.