Doris Henson

Formed in Eudora, KS in 2002.

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Current Status: Kansas City, Touring and recording

Sound description: Loud, Dynamic, Self-Obsessed, Pleading, Shameful

Influences: Brian Eno, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Neil Young, Marianne Faithfull, Kate Bush

Similar to: Rock and Roll


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
No album artwork Looba Looba 2002 Self-Released
Album cover White Elephant 2003 Pacific Rock Recordings
Album cover Give Me All Your Money 2005 Desoto


Band formed in the Spring of 2002, and toured to the west coast two
months after its full inception. Made up if former collaborators and former strangers, and featuring members of Giants Chair, Nymb and Proudentall. Everyone seems committed to touring and trying to make it work, which is good. Everyone, for the time being, gets along really well, which is very important. The band is looking to relate anecdotal moments in songs, to which people can identify if they choose to. The band does this by framing these ideas in straight ahead, more or less, guitar music, which has been deemed, critically, glammy. And, pretentious. So be it. Doris Henson was my aunt. She lived in Kansas City, Kansas, behind Fritz's, where the food comes to you on a train. She was more of a woman than I could ever hope to be.