Drakkar Sauna

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2003.

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Current Status: Just friends

Sound description: Despite being far more stable and far less dead than some of their musical heroes, Drakkar Sauna still manages to produce music just as heartbreakingly pretty as their country-roots forbearers. The group's latest album "Wars & Tornadoes" is a set of Louvin Brothers covers that nails the close harmonies of the Grand Ole Opry duo and feeds them through the Sauna's eclectic instrumental smorgasbord. Songs of old-timey despair and redemption written by a couple of siblings who were torn apart by alcoholism never sounded so toe-tappin'.

Influences: Mandy Patinkin, The Louvin Brothers & Pete Seeger


Bluegrass / Roots, Folk / Singer-songwriter


Name Released Label
Album cover rover 2004
Album cover drakkansasauna 2005
Album cover Jabraham Lincoln 2006
Album cover Wars and Tornadoes: Drakkar Sauna Faithfully Sing Songs of The Louvin Brothers 2008
Album cover 20009 2009

Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
Wallace Cochran of Drakkar Sauna tells his worst road story. 12:01 a.m. April 29, 2005


When Wallace Cochran was young, he couldn't stop talking about himself except to give misleading directions or have asthma attacks. When Jeff Stolz was young he hunted boar in Pretoria and watched, doe-eyed & silent, while his father used his skill as a jungle fighter to install de Klerk as State President. Together they have released three full length recordings with the Portland, Oregon based Marriage Records. They have toured the continental United States, trying to put right what once went wrong and, hopefully, find their way home.