Eric Hurst

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 1976.

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Current Status: Releasing second-full length album and playing regionally.

Sound description: Wry singer / songwriter with keen melodies and lovely arrangements.

Influences: Barenaked Ladies, Wilco, U2, David Wilcox

Similar to: Barenaked Ladies, Duncan Shiek


Alt / Indie rock, Folk / Singer-songwriter, Pop


Name Released Label
No album artwork Ben Franklin Must Be Proud 1999 Independent
No album artwork The Footprint EP 1999 Independent
Album cover goodbye, welcome, thankyou 2003 independent


I was born Daniel Eric Hurst, October 4, 1976. Fourteen years later a very wealthy man in my church bought himself a guitar with every intention to learn. After realizing that he just did not have the time to devote to learning he asked my father if my brothers and I would like a guitar. My dad of course accepted the offer. Never letting my younger brothers near the guitar, I proceeded to learn how to play.

Growing up I listened to the radio quite a bit, probably more than I watched television. I was one of those music junkies that remembered every song. In high school I discovered bands like Wilco, Barenaked Ladies, U2, and Goo Goo
Dolls. It was not until college that I really started learning how to write songs so people would remember them and catch themselves humming or singing it to themselves later. Those are the types of songs I like, songs that stick in my head. Though I keep CDs from the above bands readily available, these days I'm a huge fan of folks like David Wilcox,
Radiohead, REM and an unsigned group called The Daybirds.