Family Reunion

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2000.

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Current Status: Playing and writing.

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Alt / Indie rock, Pop


The Family Reunion has been at the forefront of the Lawrence music scene ever since they
formed back in 2000. Alex, Ted, and Henry Kritikos joined up with Mark Harries and Andrew
Luxem, and the band quickly evolved into a unique blend of many unlikely influences. They�ve been
compared to Semisonic, the Flaming Lips, and other bands known for their alternative rock sounds.

Alex Kritikos has been called the most gifted rock guitarist in Lawrence, and after just one show,
most people find it hard to disagree. Ted�s reputation as a talented poet, the fundamental skills of
Mark Harries on drums, Henry Kritikos on rhythm guitar, and Andrew Luxem (formerly of Brothers
from Different Mothers) on bass guitar, all combine to give the Family Reunion a sound unlike any
other local band to date. The Family Reunion has played numerous shows over the past two years in
various local venues, and their fan base is growing by the day.