The F Holes

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2006.

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Blues, Country / Rockabilly, Punk


Name Released Label
Album cover Livin' on Muscle, Guts & Luck 2009


The F Holes formed out of a love for socializing and cavorting with like-minded individuals. What started out innocently enough has turned into a passionate drive to entertain our audience. We grew up dirty hicktown punk rockers ragged by the local yokels and despised by law enforcement. As we aged a strange thing happened -- we grew to appreciate the very music and people who held us in contempt as youth. So entered the country and rockabilly element into our music. As musicians Luke Paul and John Richard have been performing together since junior high in various edifices, but lacked the rhythmical spark necessary. Enter Mike Ryan, also known as the Big Buckin Chicken. Since the inception of The F Holes, or should I say, the conception of Mike Ryan, we began to gel. Thick rock and shuffle rhythms with a punk edge done only the way we can.