Filthy Jim

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1997.

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Past shows


Current Status: Living and playing in Lawrence as well as touring the states a few times of year. The group is also looking into touring Europe.

Sound description: loud and heavy rock and roll

Influences: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Mudhoney, Supersuckers, Hellacopters, Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedy's, The Police, Soundgarden, Zeke, Nashville Pussy, Murder City Devils, Sonic Youth, Motorhead

Similar to: Motorhead, Zeke, Speedealer, Mudhoney, Candy Snatchers


Alt / Indie rock, Garage rock


Name Released Label
No album artwork racing stripes 1998 Self-Released
No album artwork Troma Films has a boner for Amp Records 2000 Amp
Album cover Whiskey and Porn 2002 Tour Horse
No album artwork Loaded in Lawrence 2002
Album cover Ride With Death 2004 Dead Teenager

Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
On the fare to 'New Jersey'... None November 26, 2004
Seth Cole: on the 'favor' fare None September 1, 2004


Propelled by high-speed tempos that race as if a prize will be awarded at the finish line, this Lawrence band seems confident in having cornered the market on scuzzball rock and roll.