Flee the Seen

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2004.

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Current Status: We have recently been signed to Facedown Records and we are gearing up for a US Tour starting this spring of '06. We are touring to support our new album "Doubt Becomes The New Addiction" due out on 3.14.06 everywhere.

Sound description: In past reviews we have been quoted as rock-fueled scream core. We like everything from straight up rock to hardcore and we usually land somewhere in between. We definitely aren't afraid to mix things around from song to song though and that makes writing really fun for us. As any band would say, it really helps to actually hear the music to get the best picture of what's going on with us.

Influences: We all like really different music from one another, which is great because we always have something new to listen to. It comes out in our writing process too, because for the most part we leave each alone to do whatever we want and in the end it always turns out being something unique from all of us, but still apart of each of us. We are inspired by anything from Beloved to Bright Eyes and Refused to Reggie and the Full Effect. We're also really motivated and influenced by a lot of the local bands that we are so lucky to play with.

Similar to: This is always a hard one. Check out www.purevolume.com/fleetheseen or www.myspace.com/fleetheseen.


Female vocals, Metal / Hardcore, Rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Doubt Becomes the New Addiction 2006 Facedown Records


"Wire Tap Out"


None of us knew each other prior to pursing music together. RL and Kim met in college when RL was studying music. Kim had pursued bass on the side of dance for several years and RL's band needed a singer and a bass player. Hearing about each other from a few mutual friends, they joined up.

After about a year, Kim moved away to finish up college at another school. Upon graduation, she realized that being in a band with RL was where it was at, so she moved back to KC to pursue music with him. After less than a month, they both ran into Manuel at a show and they all recognized each other from their previous bands, which had only played one show together years prior to this second meeting. Wanting to add another guitar player to the line up, Kim & RL asked Manuel to join the band a few months later. They all played a show at Aaron's brother's venue, with a fill drummer that was helping them out for the time being. This is where Aaron saw them for the first time. At this time none of then knew Aaron was a drummer for another local band which was in the verge of breaking up. Aaron's band disbanded a short time later and he approached RL about trying out to be the drummer of Flee the Seen and that's how we all came together.

When it comes down to it we all started in really different places - RL studied the trumpet, Kim studied dance, Manuel was in nursing school, and Aaron was in another band for 3 years. We all feel truly compelled to pursue music with each other though and can only figure that we were supposed to meet and go on this journey together. However it all happened, we're really happy that it did!