Fourth of July

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2001.

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No scheduled events.

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Current Status: Playing shows in Lawrence.

Sound description: Singer-songwriter/ heartbreaking rock n' roll

Influences: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Rainywood, Townes van Zandt

Similar to: Will Oldham, Brightblack, Papa M


Alt / Indie rock, Folk / Singer-songwriter


Name Released Label
Album cover Before It Rains 2003
No album artwork A Hangauer Christmas 2004
No album artwork The Long Gone EP 2007 Rangelife Records
Album cover Fourth Of July On the Plains 2007 Rangelife Records


"Firefighter" by Fourth of July (Matt Toplikar and Alan Weil, directors)


Fourth of July began as Brendan Hangauer's solo project and has grown to a six-piece band.