Full Feature

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1999.

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Current Status: Disbanded summer 2003.

Sound description: Rockin' melodic hooks + boundless live energy = an "ass-shakin'" musical experience for everyone. The band's debut "Bootleg Version of Life" effectively illustrates its good-time harmonies and rootsy grooves, and its sophomore effort "One for Your Health" is in the finishing stages.

Influences: Aretha Franklin, Stryper, Elvis Costello, Oh and lots of wierd Al, yep, wierd Al

Similar to: 311, The Urge


Alt / Indie rock, Funk


Name Released Label
Album cover One For Your Health 2001 Rhombus Recordings


With a spring break attitude and a finals week sense of dedication, this Kansas City act has found a way of turning its college-spawned material into mainstream-ready tracks. Using a grassroots method, they have sought to bring their unique style to the masses. With a fan friendly web site, free sample LP's, word-of-mouth, and touring (ten states to date), the people that do catch wind of this band are immediately hooked by both the music and the members' charisma.