Getaway Driver

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2001.

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Past shows


Current Status: All 4 members of Getaway Driver are currently living in Lawrence. The band tours frequently and plays locally.

Sound description: Propulsive indie rock / emo with two vocalists and dueling guitar riffs.

Influences: Braid, Mock Orange, Get Up Kids

Similar to: Mock Orange, Braid, Hey Mercedes, The Get Up Kids


Alt / Indie rock, Pop, Punk


Name Released Label
Album cover The Sparkling Pistol EP 2001
Album cover Cliches with Harmonies EP 2003 Archer Avenue Record Company
No album artwork Harvest Demos 2004


Getaway Driver formed in January of 2001, naming themselves after a reference to the cult movie "Bottle Rocket." They cut their teeth playing house shows at the Pink House and the Halfway House and earned radio play on KJHK with the self-released "Sparkling Pistol EP". The band hooked up with friends Salt the Earth and Texas's My Spacecoaster for a tour of the south and southwest.

In Fall 2002 Nathan Harold (Diversion 4.0) joined the band to fill in for departed guitar player Brad Lewis. Lewis maintained a good relationship with the band and recorded their second EP "Cliches with Harmonies". Archer Avenue Recording Company, an upstart indie label from Lawrence, picked up "Cliches" and is currently working on getting proper distribution for it.