Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2001.

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Sound description: funeral/vampire rock with a post punk lean.

Influences: Joy Division, Suicide, Black Sabbath, the Cure, Mission of Bhurma

Similar to: Joy Division, Trail of Dead, Interpol, Pleasure Forever, the Blood Brothers


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover hookandladder EP 2002
Album cover three songs. 2003

Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
The hot topic kids at Cornerstone Music Festival None July 21, 2004
The sucky stoner rock of Camarosmith None July 21, 2004


hookandladder was formed in 2001 by Devin, Jasper, Joe, and Jeromy as CAMAROSMITH. After the first couple shows, Jason was moved in on keyboards. After some out of court legality issues and some inernet screaming matches, camarosmith changed thier name permenantly to hook and ladder. They recorded a 4 song EP, and did a bunch more shows. In early 2003 Paul officially joined the band on Moog, and the style of the band chilled into the kind of dark-wave sound they play now, and are soon to release a split 7" with KC locals Pixel Panda.