The Irietions

Formed in Lawrence, KS.

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Jam, Reggae / Carribean, Ska


The Irietions (I-Ray-Shuns) are a Lawrence KS based reggae band. Their sound is influenced by roots music of all kinds, ska/rocksteady/reggae, made famous in Jamaica. For over a year now they have rehearsed and performed through blood, sweat, and smoke to get where they are today, and where they hope to be in the future. With the exception of an occasional special guest, The Irietions are a 6 piece band with two guitars and vocalists, two percussionists, bass, and keyboard. Brian Tiemeyer and Evan McGuire alternate between lead and rhythm guitar, as well as vocals. They are also the primary songwriters for the ensemble. Keeping everything in sync is Ben Hirschfeld laying down the bass line, and Justin Barnett on drums. Filling in the rest of the band’s sound is Roland Mitchel on the keyboards, and Brian Kackler on auxiliary percussion. The music is highly influenced by the sounds of Jamaica, but is written with a keen eye on the here and now. The music conveys a message of peace, and living a fulfilling life that is full of love and happiness.