It's Over

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2001.

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Album cover That Girl 2008


So there's four of us. Bill "Hey" Jamie "Hello" Ryan "Hi" Andrew "Yo". And that is us. And how are you? Would you like to take a seat? Thirsty? No. Well okay just make yourself at home. Ahem. As I was saying, these four young boisterous young men play the most magnificent songs. Dancy, Fun, Carniverous, Stompin' Alligator wompin', good time ball. They've toured recently which was a smashing success, playing seven shows in five days. These courageous musicians will set foot on more uncharted territory in the coming months with big shows such as South By Southwest. Recently, they got the bug. And the bug said, "You are to record a smashing hit record in the very near future." And the boys were off writing madly in love with you sonnets of yore with a Rock 'n' Roll agenda and handsome suits....So much is to be. In the Coming Months there will be feats fought with flying fingers from Finland. BEWARE!!! OH Yeah...SIGN