Jade Raven

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 1997.

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Current Status: Following a couple movings away from here, Jade Raven is no longer a functional band...

Sound description: pop-rock with melodic female vocals

Influences: pj harvey, superdrag, queens of the stone age

Similar to: the go-gos, frogpond, weezer, jimmy eat world


Alt / Indie rock, Pop


Name Released Label
Album cover In the Dark 2000 Self-Released
Album cover Plus One 2002 Dollface


Jade Raven first began as a quartet in the fall of 1997. After six months of practicing and a few lineup changes, they set out to play their first show, which was at a local all ages venue, Gee Coffee. From there Holly, Eric, and Allen played continuous shows at Gee, and in the spring of 1998, Jade Raven completed their first demo. This five-song demo contained songs that hinted at the vast styles of Jade Raven. After playing at several local venues such as the Hurricane, Rivermarket Brewery, and the Pub for a year, Jade Raven decided to go into the recording studio to begin work on their long-awaited full-length album. After recruiting Paul Malinowski (Shiner) to turn the knobs, the trio completed "In the Dark." This ten song LP features everything from soft ballads, to pure pop-rock, to punk. A catchy and simple pop album, "In the Dark" is an instant success at first listen.

Soon after their debut release, Jade Raven found Kelly Cook to take over bass. Eric moved to playing guitar for the band to add more dynamics and to give Holly more freedom to sing and write.

Their long awaited material featuring new bassist, Kelly, was released on April 17th of 2002 as an EP titled "Plus One."