Justin Ripley

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2004.

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Upcoming shows

No scheduled events.

Past shows


Current Status: Performing regularly in Lawrence, hosting Wednesday open mics at The Jazzhaus

Sound description: twangy two-chorded bell curves

Influences: Tweedy, Malkmus, Chilton, and his brother

Similar to: crayons, dry air, and long walks along the siege


Alt / Indie rock


Conceived in a sweat shop and nurtured with undying poverty, Justin has been writing songs for about two years and peforming them for less. When he's not crooning, he enjoys wind surfing and lollipops. If music doesn't work out, he's shown promise as one of the best young motor cross talents in the midwest and intends to seek a sponsorship from Halliburton to help pay the rent. Many ask how he balances the demands of maintaining such a impressive rut. He responses by wearily explaining, "Life is a series of neverending heartbreaks and tragedies, is this not the best of all possible worlds?"