Kaw Valley Project

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2005.

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Influences: Neutral Milk Hotel, The Walkmen, Wilco, Belle and Sebastian.

Similar to: A dying pygmy's last, painful breath as he delegates which of his 14 children inherits the hut, spear, and loincloth of his legacy....




Name Released Label
Album cover The Winter Versus Summer EP 2006


Five strangers were skiing down an imposing mountain haunted by ghosts. A freak avalanche occurred piling up all five skiers in what was essentially a giant snow ball. With great persistence they got free and were all five led to the safety of an abandoned cabin by one of the mountain specters. While in the cabin they faced starvation, insanity, and one bizarre case of arthritis. As spring finally came, the snow started to melt, the flowers started to grow and most importantly, a nearby river unfroze. The five strangers disassembled the cabin and built a toboggan out of the wood. They rode down into safety where one of them remarked, "Damn, we gotta write some songs about this shit."