The Kinetiks

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2005.

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Sound description: Indie soda rock

Influences: Beatles, Boston, Bauhaus, B.B. King




Name Released Label
Album cover The Kinetiks 2006
Album cover Music History 2007
Album cover Science is Magic 2009


A couple of people jammed and then some others jammed. The end. Just to put it all into perspective in the history of the world, though, they first played a house party in like, I don't know... lets say May 2005. Originally dubbed "Connecticut Alley" (mainly because we practiced in a garage house in an alley on Connecticut street) after a desperate attempt to come up with a name through an overly complicated system of voting with a technique that allotted a certain point system to each band member's top three choices for a band name which obviously backfired and left us with a name nobody liked but because of the system, everyone picked it for their second or third choice and so it got enough points to outscore others because nobody picked the same first choice. The band shortened the name just hours before their first show to "The Connecticuts" which some fans still prefer to the ultimate shortened, mutated version we all now know and love.... The Kinetiks. Go Kinetiks!