Formed in Toledo, OH in 1998.

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Sound description: Fused '70s rock, '80s new wave, and '90s emo pop

Influences: Joe Jackson, The Cure, Elvis Costello and a twist of jazz


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Koufax 1999 Doghouse
Album cover It Had To Do With Love 2000 Vagrant
Album cover Social Life 2002 Vagrant
Album cover Hard Times are in Fashion 2005 Doghouse
Album cover Strugglers 2008 Doghouse


Fusing elements of '70s rock, '80s new wave, and '90s emo pop, with some Pets Sounds-era Beach Boys thrown in, the distinct sound of Koufax won over underground stars the Get Up Kids. With the disintegration of several Detroit and Northwestern Ohio bands, the band was formed by singer/guitarist Robert Suchan, who liked the sound of famous Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax's name. The band relied heavily on the sound of piano and synthesizer, from not just keyboardist Sean Grogan, but drummer Dave Shettler and Andrew Cameron as well. After debuting on Doghouse Records with a self-titled EP in 1999, the Get Up Kids brokered a deal with its own label, Heroes and Villains, via parent Vagrant Records. For Koufax's full-length debut, It Had to Do With Love (2000), and subsequent touring, the band added a second keyboardist, Jared Rosenberg. Two years later, the band was a solid four-piece with Shettler, Force, Suchan and Rosenberg. Together, they issued Koufax's second studio full-length Social Life in October 2002.
In fall 2004, Suchan moved to Lawrence, KS, and found a new rhythm section in brother Ryan and Rob Pope of The Get Up Kids (who had gone on hiatus indefinitely). Rosenberg remained in the band.