Left on Northwood

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2006.

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No scheduled events.

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Current Status: Working on their album "Gut Check Personality" for release in summer 2008. Actively gigging Kansas and the surrounding states.

Influences: Ask any of the members and you'll be suprised with the answers you get!

Similar to: Thrice, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, The Bled, Incubus, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Coheed and Cambria, etc.


Punk, Rock


Name Released Label
No album artwork Demos 2007
No album artwork Gut Check Personality 2009


Left on Northwood hit you like a frenzied freight train of sound and stage presence. Their explosive live show is fueled by massive energy and a musical precision that proves the Lawrence quintet rocks just as hard as they "rock out."

A musical tour-de-force, LoN combine hard rock roots, punk attitude and aggressiveness and a hardcore inventiveness that combine to create a sound that is uniquely their own. The band has spent their first year together taking names and rocking faces all throughout Kansas and the surrounding states; and along the way gained the local notoriety needed to share a stage with national acts such as Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Funeral for a Friend., Mayday Parade, The Ataris, and Far-Less.

LoN possess a die hard, take no prisoners dedication to their music that shows in their upcoming album "Gut Check Personality". Thought, planning and time obviously went into the writing and recording of the album and it shows; something often times missing from bands their first time in the recording studio.

Their musical prowess and commitment to their craft is avidly apparent in both their music and in their willingness to do whatever it takes to give their audiences an awe-inspiring and unforgettable live show. One can only wait to see what's next for these emerging artists. Whatever it is, make sure to witness it first hand if you can. You won't soon regret it.-Written by M. Luevano, courtesy of "my damn self!"