Les Somniferes

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2006.

Upcoming shows

No scheduled events.

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Alt / Indie rock, Folk / Singer-songwriter, Pop


It all started when Anissa, Kathrine, and Rebecca studied abroad in France, during the spring 2006 semester. After a few gin-and-tonics, they soon realized that all three of them played the piano. This realization led to an on-going joke about starting a three-piece keyboard band when they returned to Lawrence in the fall. Throughout their time in France, they wrote a couple of simple songs on a two-octave keyboard and guitar that cost 80 euros. Unfortunately, those songs were forgotten, and the girls parted ways (musically) until March of 2007. At a study abroad reunion in March, Anissa, Kathrine, and Rebecca decided to give the band another go. Upon learning that the French-all-girl-three-keyboard-band ship had sailed (see: Au Revoir Simone), the girls decided to re-invent themselves and enlist the help of their friends Derek, Martinez, and Jeff. All parties involved were quite pleased with the new, full sound, and they called themselves Les SomnifÃres. The majority of Les SomnifÃres' songs are half in French and half in English. They have played shows at several venues in Lawrence, including Henry's, the Jackpot Music Hall, and the Gaslight Tavern.