Los Craptaculares

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2004.

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No scheduled events.

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Influences: screeching weasel ramones the clash descendents all the queers jawbreaker crimpshrine fifteen statler brothers the vindictives nofx dillinger 4 minor threat 7 seconds gorilla biscuits sick of it all the bouncing souls bad brains flogging molly chixdiggit! the toy dolls grimple opiv schlong sloppy seconds black flag 88 fingers louie youth of today hot water music mtx





* brado met jamie, who was in a band with his roommate matt.
* matt and jamie ask brado to play rhythm guitar for the band.
* matt decides he'd rather go to vegas with his gay lover instead of opening for 'sloppy seconds'. the band dies soon after.
* brado and jamie form 'the craptacular'.
* through an internet search they discover that there are aproximately a bazillion other bands called 'the craptacular'. consequently, 'los craptaculares' is born.
* after a few failures they finally find a drummer, chad. it is his and brado's second band together.
* on june 12th 2004, they play their first show. it was a disaster.
* in july of 2005 luke joins as stunt guitar player.it is his second band with brado, and his third with chad.