Mammoth Life

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2005.

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Sound description: Kaleidoscopic Art Pop

Influences: Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys, Joe Meek, Mark Mothersbaugh (original scoring for Wes Anderson), The Cars, Antonio Vivaldi, Raymond Scott, Electric Light Orchestra


Alt / Indie rock, Pop


Name Released Label
Album cover Kaleidoscopic Art Pop 2007


In February, 2005 Nicholas Goss and Elizabeth Mead began composing and arranging songs that would soon become the foundation for an art movement titled Mammoth Life. Over the next year, musicians and artists from Lawrence, Kansas collectively formed to round out the lineup and in January, 2006 recording began on the first record: Kaleidoscopic Art Pop. The album was produced by Nicholas Goss and recorded at Nicholas and Elizabeth's various homes in Lawrence. Upon completion it was then mixed by Aaron Miller at MixTape Soundlab in Lawrence, and mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering in Omaha, NE.

Mammoth Life is an art movement focused on three elements: approachability, experimentation, and progression. The album reflects those values, and expands on experimentation in melody. The record is constructed like a kaleidoscope, in that there are multiple sections of music within each song, two to three part vocal harmony over layered melodies in the backing tracks, with many other instruments and sounds fleshing out the lush arrangements within Kaleidoscopic Art Pop. Yet with all the colors found inside this album there is still a cohesive overall sound that is multi faceted, but not overly distracting. This provides the active listener with many engaging and stimulating sounds, but allows the passive listener to still be struck by the sheer vibrant approachability that Mammoth Life records represent with their vocal melodies and attractive yet unique pop music.

Music members of Mammoth Life include Nicholas Goss (band leader, co-founder, producer, guitar), Elizabeth Mead (co-founder, keyboards, vocals), Will Gunnerson (drums), Melicent King (violin, synthesizer, vocals), and Bobby Sauder (lead vocalist), all of which completed Kaleidoscopic Art Pop in September 2007. Additional members in Mammoth Life include Neil Goss (photographer, clothing designer, artist), Cory Gugler (film and technical support), and Nathan Girard (Literature, Nicholas' lyric collaborator) who all contribute to the groups aesthetic and cohesive artistic presence of multiple mediums of artistic self expression.

Mammoth Life is a functioning unit that relies tremendously on each member's unique contribution to the overall end product. The process begins with Nicholas and Elizabeth's musical compositions and arrangements, followed by Nicholas and Nathan fleshing out the lyrics. Once the foundation is set between these three members, Mammoth Life as a whole begins to function as each other member begins molding these songs into magical vibrant suites lasting three to four minutes. With Bobby and Liz's delicate and attractive vocal blend, Melicen'ts incredible understanding of melody and theory, and Will's natural ability with beat, these songs take shape and flower into full fruition.

The artistic movement is influenced by multiple staple artists in pop music including Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys (1965-1967), Joe Meek and Motown Productions, and Simon and Garfunkel, just to name a few. But also, other equally important influences include our natural landscape and habitat here in Lawrence Kansas and the Midwest, not to mention an incredible pull from white spiritual forces on the emotions and beat of our chests.

"Virtue In A Sense, Born With Eyes,
Interpretation Rapid Changing Times.
Illumination, I Perceive,
What Is White and What Is Pure To Me."

by Nicholas Goss and Nathan Girard