Marry Me Moses

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2003.

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Current Status: Writing, performing

Sound description: The songs you never knew you wanted to hear so badly.

Influences: Led Zeppelin, The Pixies, Uncle Tupelo, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Rage Against the Machine, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Beck, rock in general, etc...


Alt / Indie rock, Pop


Name Released Label
Album cover Engine Engine 2007


The roots of Marry Me Moses go back to 2003 when Mark Harries (drums), Will Hedberg (guitar), and Jenny Davidson (Bass) got together to play through a few old classics. It didn't work, as they lacked a singer. In came Ted Kritikos, appropriately, as they were using his basement. Within a summer they had added Brian Soden (another guitar) and written their first songs. Brian went on to bigger and better things, so Henry Kritikos was brought in to support the guitar section, and the name Marry Me Moses was officially spawned from a combination of puppy love, Trivial Pursuit cards, and a flip through the Bible. Two years passed, various venues were rocked and many a large bottle of Belgian beer was consumed. Then, the sad but necessary day came when Will Hedberg decided to start a new life at Harvard University, working on a doctorate in Chinese Literature. But just when all hope seemed to be lost, up stepped Alex Kritikos (final guitar), forming an almost complete reincarnation of the Family Reunion, a band that existed from 2000 to 2003. Marry Me Moses has since entered a period of productivity, playing gigs and writing a song now and again.

Ted Kritikos has been producing top-notch poetry non-stop since high school or before. His stunningly poignant lyrics and seamless melodies complement the underlying music of Marry Me Moses without fail. Ted is currently finishing up a Master's degree in Creative Writing at KU, teaching at the Kansas City Art Institute, and fixing guitars at Mass Street Music. Alex Kritikos brings an entirely unique style of lead guitar to the band, mixing elements of shredding, finger picking, claw hammer, and subtlety. He also plays really loud. Alex has a degree in Mathematics from KU, and he is currently a server admin at the Journal-World. Jenny Davidson is an amazing bassist--a student of the classic rock, blues, and funk schools. Her lines are creative and flashy, while at the same time consistently appropriate. Jenny has degrees in Journalism and Political Science from KU, and she now works for the Kansas Democratic Party. Henry Kritikos is a guitarist who has been described as "foot-tappy," "down-strokey," and "hot." When he's not with the band, Henry can probably be found down on the corner, out in the street. Henry is pursuing a BA in Psychology from KU, and he's headed for the Seminary after that. Mark Harries prides himself on his ability to play hard and steady. He knows where to put the beat, and he plays accordingly. He also plays accordion. Mark is studying church music at KU, working on a BM in Organ.

Marry Me Moses has come a long way, and there's a long way left for them to go. Plans have been laid to enter the studio with Ed Rose for a three-song EP.