Matt Suggs

Formed in Lawrence, KS.

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Current Status: Recently moved back to Lawrence and is developing yet-to-be-named band.


Alt / Indie rock, Folk / Singer-songwriter


Matt Suggs was half of the great Lawrence-born pop band Butterglory, which recorded four albums for Merge Records and toured the nation many times with the likes of Superchunk, the Wedding Present and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Rich in texture and emotion, Suggs' second "solo" album Amigo Row conjures images of dusty backwater towns where no matter how serene and normal the surfaces may appear, something slightly off-kilter or wicked is most likely hiding just below. Matt paints his characters with abstract brushstrokes, and sets scenes that are reminiscent of film noir or spaghetti westerns. The characters and sets might be a little bit out of focus, but they are still vividly intriguing. The songs on Amigo Row have a distinct western flavor, but are rooted firmly in rock, with possible comparisons to be made with the works of Flying Burrito Brothers/Gram Parsons and the dustier trails of The Byrds. Traces of Ray Davies or Nick Drake can be heard in the easy saunter of the vocals, but Matt Suggs is definitely his own man, cutting his own swathe across the rock landscape as a songwriter of considerable gifts and talent.