Max Justus

Formed in Kansas City, MO.

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Influences: Vex'd, DMX Krew, Burial, Benga, Xela, Opiate, Deru, Do Make Say Think, Michael Jackson, Various Productions, The Dead Texan, Sirius Mo, Johann Johannsson, Max Richter, M83, Richard Javerling, Lali Puna, Efterklang, Prefuse 73, Aoki Takamasa, Loess, Jose Gonzales, Psapp, Ulrich Schnauss, Philip Glass, Mr. Projectile, Speedy J, Fridge, Beck, Timeblind, People Press Play, Deceptikon, Elbow, Stereolab, Mr. Oizo.


Electronic / DJ, Hip-hop / Rap


Name Released Label
Album cover No Mercy 2009 The Record Machine


At the tender age of twenty years old, electronic artist Max Justus has already accomplished enough to make the average musician jealous. Most recently he signed with Kansas City label The Record Machine to release his newest album Five Leaping Leopards . The album “composes electronic instrumentals that range from space-age funk to staticky industrial blasts to warped hip-hop loops. His backbeats remain steady, meaning the stylistic shifts won’t disturb the dancers’ grooves” (The Pitch). Five Leaping Leopards shows off Max’s ability to make smooth, sophisticated rhythms. Max is always pushing his music into new territories, never satisfied rehashing the same song.

Growing up, Max heard stories of his father playing in the eighties and nineties new wave band Servant. Servant filled their animated live performances with lasers and smoke. In particular, Max’s family has had a profound impact on him as an artist every member of seems to have a different talent, which has compelled the him to create music and entertain audiences of his own. It has even inspired Max to complete every angle of production on his own albums.

Since age fifteen Max has been working on various projects in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin such as releasing his first album and opening for illustrious artists Tortoise, Daniel Lanios (solo artist and producer of bands ranging from U2 to Bob Dylan), and Bob Mould of Husker Du. At nineteen he moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he now resides completing two albums, Ophelia and Talk to Strangers , which are only available digitally on Myspace. At twenty Max is poised to put a dent in the national dance scene.

Look for Max Justus to be on tour in 2008 in support of his new album Five Leaping Leopards.