The Old Black

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2006.

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Influences: Sabbath, AC/DC, Misfits, Beatles, Stones, Nirvana, Acid Bath, Crowbar, Sleep, Kyuss, anything Mike Patton touches, Plastic Ono Band, Television, Runaways, Blondie, Ween, EARLY Def Leppard (don't hate), Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and pretty much any and all good swamp-metal bands.




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No album artwork Demos 2007


Remember when "Rock" or "Hard Rock" was all the "genre" a band needed? Sometimes you have to get away from something to realize it's the right thing. After years of playing in everything from metal bands to funk bands, longtime collaborators Ben White and Lizz Weiler (Emma Feel, Boot Hill, Doll Squad) began work on a new, more straightforward project in Spring 2006. After recruiting a familiar face in drummer Jon Lane (The Last Tyrant) and a newer one in J.C. Cirese (Lethe, This Building is Cursed), the band began cranking out songs, breaking sticks and straining necks.

The sound that resulted was exactly what they needed. "Rock". Not "Post-anything", not "anything-Core", certainly not "Indie". The band members had no intention of setting boundaries for themselves, but were even less interested in hopping on the latest trend. "The New Black" didn't really appeal to them, and the band's name followed naturally. The Old Black played its first show in late October 2006 and will continue to write, play out and record throughout 2007.