Olympic Size

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2003.

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Influences: All good music.

Similar to: Cocteau Twins, Low, Galaxy 500, among other things...


Alt / Indie rock, Female vocals


Name Released Label
Album cover You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone 2008


Some music is created out of necessity. What began as an experiment 10 years ago in a studio somewhere in Chicago, is now a full fledged reality. Interlocking guitars, layered vocals, electronics, and spacious drum sounds have slowly simmered and combined to create Olympic Size's unique sound. This is couch music, created late at night. These are songs to make love to; songs to break-up to.

With members of Dirtnap, Roman Numerals, The Stella Link, Bellweather, The Belles and Bacon Shoe, Olympic Size continues to evolve musically, crafting songs with honest lyrics and haunting melodies. As the opening act for bands such as Spoon, Efterklang, American Music Club, and Smog, and many years of paying their dues, playing off nights in the dive bars of Kansas City, Olympic Size has quietly built a following that continues to grow.

In 2007, Olympic Size received national attention when their song “Friends” appeared on MTV's "Real World: Sydney" during one of the most dramatic moments of the season, when one of the roommates is forced to move out of the house.

Their recently self released debut full length "You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone" (a limited edition pressing of 150 copies, which at this time has SOLD OUT!) has garnered favorable attention from the press, receiving rave reviews from local critics across the board and has recently appeared on many local "Best of 2008" lists, including Robert Moore of Sonic Spectrum's "Best Album of 2008", and "Best Songs of 2008", and Pitch Weekly music editor, Jason Harper's "Best Local Albums of 2008".

Their limited release EP in 2005, entitled "Set Free", received praise from both Pitch Weekly's music editor Jason Harper (who picked it as one of the Best of 2005), and Robert Moore, who showcased Olympic Size on his nationally recognized radio program, Sonic Spectrum, on a show that featured a live in studio performance and interview with the band.