Pink Nasty

Formed in Wichita, KS.

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Similar to: Neko Case, Kelly Hogan


Alt / Indie rock, Female vocals, Folk / Singer-songwriter


Name Released Label
Album cover Mule School 2003
Album cover Mold the Gold 2006
Album cover Grateful Unknown 2006


Sara Beck Guitar, Vocals


"Away Message," Pink Nasty


Pink Nasty is Sara Beck, a folk singer reared in Wichita who now resides in Austin. She has a lot of friends in Lawrence, as her album "Mule School" features half of the Danny Pound Band -- Pound and Jeremy Sidener -- and other scenesters like Brandon Aiken, Steve Squire and Ben Tuttle.

Beck writes twangy acoustic folk tunes in the style of Neko Case, splitting her time between melancholy ballads and folky rockers in the vein of (surprise) The Danny Pound. Her capable voice flirts with a southern drawl, but stays genuine enough so as to not induce groans.