The Republic Tigers

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2005.

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Sound description: Rhythmically intricate and exceedingly hummable, adorning pop structures with synths, harmonies, drum programming and multiple guitarists and vocalists.


Alt / Indie rock, Rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Orange and Black Attack 2006
Album cover Republic Tigers EP 2007 Chop Shop
Album cover Keep Color 2008 Chop Shop


From the band: The Republic Tigers are Adam McGill, Marc Pepperman, Ryan David Pinkston, Justin Tricomi, and Kenn Jankowski. Once upon a time, in Republic Missouri, Kenn was competing in marching band contests and various other music and athletic games for his high school. He realized he liked the sound of "Republic Tigers (football, etc.) Rules!" as it frequently leapt from his tongue, in response to annihilating whatever competition there was. Some time later, when starting the new band, he decided there was not a name more suitable for it's confident song work, lyrical courage, and tonal bliss. Kansas City is the location where all members would meet and eventually collaborate. Adam and Kenn had been friends for years. Both played in other bands while creatively cheating on those bands with each other's grand idea's of happiness, and fulfillment in music together one day. The Tigers is the first opportunity for this to happen for the two work-horses. Kenn had a handful of songs ready to devote to a new dream band. He was delivering pizza's and Adam was on the road working for a law firm when they had the phone conversation that led to them officially partnering up. "Adam, come home, i need you.... we need each other. It's time to be happy..." "Would you be ok with this band name?" "Ok then, let's take over." "Wait! We need more geniuses." "Let's hunt while we write." As soon as Adam returned from his trip, Kenn met him at his apartment to swap each others demos. Ryan Pinkston was hanging out with friends at Adam's place when Kenn showed up. They (adam and kenn) played their demos for the next hour, and cleared out the room. Cleared it out, all except for little Ryan Pinkston who happened to be a prodigy. Maybe he hadn't realized his own potential yet, but he must know by now. Oh, he played in bands, and wrote ditties in his bedroom, and seemed to be thrilled by the demos Adam and Kenn were playing. "We like that you like this" "You're nice and good looking, and you like good music" "Drop your skateboard, and come with us, to the land of good things". Ryan said yes. (A month passed before Ryan showed us his demos. Kenn can no longer listen to other bands as a result of hearing those demos.) So this guy they know, Marc Pepperman, goes into his bedroom and shuts the door. The guys are hanging out at his loft, when they start to notice the angel's singing in the audible form of piano strokes. They look at each other outside of marc's room, and kind of stop talking. Then, from the same room, comes the sound of waltzing accordian. Finally, gloriously random licks from an electric bass. They push the door open. "You wanted us to hear that, didn't you?" Everyone begins requesting tunes they had just heard. "How? Who? What... taught you to play?" "Myself i think. I don't really remember." "And you write?!" "And you look good?!" "And woman want you!" "Let's make a deal..." And Marc was in. Last but not least, at the very same loft, the four men with proud stances had just finished their latest masterpiece while drunk people started piling in from the closing bars. Justin Tricomi was one. The men only need their drums covered at this point, and like always, play their demos for all new faces in hopes of finding more genius, but mostly to boast of accomplishment. One such mastermind happens to be listening on this, the night of conclusion. Justin loves what he hears. "Wow, it reminds me of this and that" "Let me hear it again.... and again" "You play drums, huh?" "Who is the best drummer in the world, in your opinion?" "Well, i don't wanna toot my own...." "You've answered correctly!" "Hey guys, he plays the guitar upside down, and the piano right side up" "All this, and looks that could rescue kittens!" "You like to write cinematically influenced movements of music toooooo?!!!!" Then the five realized,... "WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!", which is perfect because of their unfortunate amount of self-love. If cloning were legal, they wouldn't want to work together. But that's not the case!!!!!!