Roman Numerals

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2002.

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Sound description: Rather than resorting to retro reverence, Roman Numerals embraces creative revisionism. This is the sound of the past informed by the future, as if Big Black had visited early-'80s era Gang of Four in a vision, or if the ghost of Fugazi had haunted Modern English. Given that these creative collaborations never occurred, this is the first time a group has blended atmospheric artiness and a prominent percussive pulse with such precision. Rather than inviting comparisons to its influences, Roman Numerals has sculpted itself into a touchstone to which tomorrow's acts will be likened.

Influences: Gang of Four, Big Black, Wire, Season to Risk, Dirt Nap, Fugazi, Einsturzende Neubauten, Joy Division

Similar to: Interesting, creative music that you can dance too and think about.


Alt / Indie rock, Experimental / Noise


Name Released Label
Album cover Roman Numerals 2006


Former members of Season to Risk, Shiner and Dirt Nap form a Joy Division Tribute band to perform Halloween 2002. Success of said band (Unknown Pleasures) convinces members to write original material. A 2004 demo recording with Brodie Rush of Be/Non / Blow-chi fame is well-accepted as band continues to grow and perform across the midwest....or something.